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Realtune Neon SRT4 Piston line Realtune Billet 3/4 shift Fork
Our Price: $645.00
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Our Price: $345.00
Sale Price: $289.00
You save $56.00!
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Realtune Neon SRT4 Piston line Realtune Billet 3/4 shift Fork
Deep valve pockets
Built with 1000+hp needs in mind
Sold as a set of 4 with rings, locks, and pins

You can find these pistons in all of our Realtune built short blocks. Each set is built to order so please allow 2-3 weeks for shipment.

We offer 8.0, 9.0 and now 10.0 pistons and can be ordered in std, .020 and .040 bore sizes!
Are you sick of breaking the taps off of your stock shift fork? Are you sick of the modified factory forks going bad offered as performance upgrades? Are the other billet forks priced too high? Then we have your golden ticket! These will not break the tabs and cost a great deal less then what else is out on the market. Tried and true by Realtune : Home of many of the worlds quickest 5 speed NSRT4s. What you see is years of testing and having the other "performance" forks go bad on us. If you bolt a steel piece to the brass base it will loosen up and at the very least cause you to pull the gearset out to replace if not damage some internal pieces. As you can see we came up with a new way to attach the tab and that was to make the base thicker and slot it. The "tab" is then pressed in and more loose tab over time! - This is a full replacement piece with NO core needed!!

Realtune CSRT4 Stage 2 Camshafts
Our Price: $700.00
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Realtune CSRT4 Stage 2 Camshafts
Attention: RTS2 cams are now billet! The old school cast cores are discontinued. Billet all the things!!

Realtune Performance CSRT4 Stage 2 Camshafts **PLEASE READ all of the contents below** These are full aftermarket pieces, not reground stock cam shafts so no cores are needed! Gains can be seen in the attached dyno graph. Gains +12whp and+18 wtrq with ZERO tuning at @16psi with a huge gain past 6200. I expect 20whp if tuned on a stock style turbo and 30+whp on a big turbo Rev range is 3000rpm to 7500rpm [only recommend past 6800 with a built motor] *WARNING!!** MUST use aftermarket valve springs. You can NOT use these without an upgraded valve spring so do not even try it. These "can" be used without any tuning on MS1k but the 2-5% throttle range will be a bit choppy. Custom tune is highly recommended!

*Please allow 3-8 weeks for shipment

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