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30psi boost gauge w/vac
30psi boost gauge w/vac
Our Price: $79.00

mechanical boost gauge / must have when using a clamp or FIC more info
45psi boost gauge w/vac
45psi boost gauge w/vac
Our Price: $80.00

mechanical boost gauge / must have when using a clamp or FIC more info
Our Price: $185.00

Ditch your stock Evo X wastegate actuator for a high pressure adjustable AGP billet aluminum unit. This replaces the factory installed piece, and will allow you to hold higher boost pressures to redline.

Because the AGP Wastegate Actuator has a higher base spring rate, it allows the turbo to push higher, more stable boost. This actuator will eliminate the boost oscillation that is caused by the light spring in the stock actuator. Additionally, all AGP wastegate actuators are easily adjustable. You don't need to remove the actual rod end from the turbo in order to adjust preload (like you do on other brands). All you need to do is loosen the jamb nut, then turn the entire rod with the adjustment nut. It's very simple.

With prototype AGP actuators, we have seen the ability to spike 23psi and hold 21psi to redline on a relatively stock Evo X, with basic bolt on mods.

Installed in the WGA is the 12psi base spring, for those who want to continue to utilize the factory boost control solenoids. We also include a 19psi spring for those wanting to run much higher boost that factory and/or eliminating the factory boost control solenoids.

This actuactor fits the stock turbo and upgraded turbos like the FP Red and FP Black
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Evolution X AGP Aluminum Hard Pipes
Evolution X AGP Aluminum Hard Pipes
Our Price: $300.00

Introducing AGP's aluminum hard pipe kit for the Evolution X. This kit completely replaces the factory rubber hoses that can expand under boost. We have also relocated the factory blow off valve placement to the hot side tube and gave the re-route a direct path back into the intake.

The hot side tube is 2.5" mandrel bent aluminum with no weld joints in either pipe. They are joined by high quality silicone couplers as well as a hump hose in the middle to allow the tubes to properly flex when the engine rotates. You have the option to use the factory BOV, or we offer an HKS SSQ flange welded to the hot side tube.

The cold side tube is 3" mandrel bent polished aluminum that lines up perfectly with our 3" outlet on our intercooler upgrade. You can still run this pipe set with the factory intercooler with a silicone reducer we can supply by selecting the option below.

The Hardpipe Kit Includes:

Hot side and Cold side aluminum tubes
All necessary Silicone Couplers
Hose clamps

These pipes do not fit the SST equipped cars such as the MR, because of the tranny cooler behind the bumper cover on the driver's side.

Available Polished, flat black powdercoat, wrinkle black powdercoat, wrinkle red powdercoat.
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EVO X AGP Front Mount Intercooler
EVO X AGP Front Mount Intercooler
Our Price: $575.00

Enhance the performance of your 2008-up Mitsubishi Evolution X with the first front mount intercooler available, and now with cast end tanks! The AGP Turbo FMIC features cast aluminum end tanks attached to a 20x13x3.5" bar and plate core. This core has the largest surface area of any other core on the market. This assembly fits perfectly in the factory location and does NOT require you to remove or trim any portion of the stock bumper support. It also clears the factory lower under-tray so you do not need to remove it. It cools at 90-99% efficiency under almost all conditions and has less than .75psi pressure drop at 450 hp of airflow. You couldn't heat soak this if you tried.

Stop asking who manufactures our core for us. We're tired of explaining it, and we're not going to tell you. All you need to be concerned with is that you're getting the best intercooler for your Evo X. Look up reviews, look up dyno numbers, look up track times. Our intercooler steps it up and delivers.

Throughout our dyno testing on the Evo X, we kept seeing timing retard (knock) around 5000rpm with the factory intercooler and 91 octane gas, where the power would drop. Since we upgraded to this intercooler, we've noticed consistent power across the board due to a cooler air charge. Back to back pulls on the dyno now result in identical power curves due to no heatsoak. This is a great upgrade for a stock Evo X, and will help you make more and more power down the road as we continue to release products.

Dyno results showed peak gains of 20 ft/lbs and 25 whp, and nowhere did it lose power throughout the RPM range. This is on a car with a stock turbo, minor bolt ons, and a very conservative ECUTEK tune.

This is the same intercooler we run on our shop car, that so far has made over 530whp and trapped 11.55 @ 123.

The FMIC includes:

20x13x3.5 bar and plate core with cast end tanks weighing in at 24.5 lbs.
Silicone hoses and clamps
All necessary installation hardware
**2010 models will require a new mounting bracket as Mitsubishi decided to change the lower intercooler mount. $25**

Available with a red or black AGP Logo.

Available with a black heat dispersion coating that helps "pull" the heat from the intercooler core- aiding with thermal transfer and increasing intercooler efficiency.
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Evolution X AGP Turbo Upgrade
Evolution X AGP Turbo Upgrade
Our Price: $2,300.00

AGP’s Twin Scroll Turbo Kit incorporates today’s leading turbo technologies into one single package that blows the doors off the competition.  Rethink your stock turbo upgrade path for your 2008-up Evolution X and move towards an upgrade with a cast twin scroll T3 manifold, better boost control via external wastegate, more power options, full 3” downpipe, billet compressors and twin ceramic ball bearing rotating assemblies (if optioned).

The heart of AGP’s turbo kit is our CAD engineered T3 frame twin scroll manifold that pairs runners 1 and 4 together and runners 2 and 3 together in order to match exhaust pulses and keep them separate all the way to the tip of the turbine wheel.  By properly separating the cylinder pulses, the energy is harnessed and applies more initial torque on the turbine wheel without opposing gasses interfering like an “open” manifold. The AGP Turbo kit spools faster than any other turbo kit that runs an open manifold design.

Exhaust pressure is kept under check by AGP’s 46mm V band external wastegate and is re-routed back into the full 3” stainless steel downpipe that bolts to your existing cat back.

Included in our kit is a silicone coupler to adapt to your AGP hardpipes, (or most other aftermarket hardpipes), as well as a coupler to use the AGP Cold Air Intake (or most other aftermarket 3” intakes).  This is a complete kit, and will come with everything you need to install on your car.

We offer turbo combinations for Borg Warner, Precision, and AGP’s Twin Ball Bearing Zeta series.  All turbos will come with an AGP cast twin scroll turbine housing in either .75 A/R or 1.00 A/R.  We have run both on our test vehicles and we will always recommend the larger 1.00 housing.  The .75 A/R housing does spool the turbo faster, however we feel that the added power from the 1.00 housing will benefit you more.  If you are interested, just let us know that you would like both housings shipped with your kit.  At this time it’s not additional cost to you as some of you may prefer the other housing.

Precision Turbo

The Precision line of turbos is oil cooled only, so you will need to loop your factory water lines.  Precision turbos utilize billet compressor wheels and are optional ball bearing.

5431E – Rated by Precision at 500hp.  3” inlet and 2” compressor outlet.  54mm MFS compressor wheel T31 turbine wheel.  Entry Level journal bearing only

5831E –  Rated by Precision at 585hp.  3” inlet and 2” compressor outlet.  58mm MFS compressor wheel T31 turbine wheel.  Entry Level journal bearing only

5858SP – Rated by Precision at 620hp.  4” port shroud inlet and 2.5” compressor outlet.  58mm CEA compressor wheel 58mm CEA turbine wheel.

5862SP – Rated by Precision at 640hp.  4” port shroud inlet and 2.5” compressor outlet.  58mm CEA compressor wheel 62mm CEA turbine wheel.

6262SP – Rated by Precision at 705hp.  4” port shroud inlet and 2.5” compressor outlet.  62mm CEA compressor wheel, 62mm CEA turbine wheel.

6266SP – Rated by Precision at 735hp.  4” port shroud inlet and 2.5” compressor outlet.  62mm CEA compressor wheel 66mm CEA turbine wheel.

6466SP – Rated by Precision at 900hp.  4” port shroud inlet and 2.5” compressor outlet.  64mm CEA compressor wheel 66mm CEA turbine wheel.  Ball Bearing Only

6766SP – Rated by Precision at 935hp.  4” port shroud inlet and 2.5” compressor outlet.  67mm CEA compressor wheel 66mm CEA turbine wheel.

Borg Warner Turbo Systems

The Borg Warner turbos are journal bearing, and are oil only cooled so you will need to loop your water lines.

S200sx-56 – The entry level S200sx series is an affordable bang for your buck.  This 56mm Extended Tip turbo is rated at 55lbs/min and comes with a 3” inlet and 2” outlet compressor housing.

S256-RS – The most popular “S” series turbo, the extended tip 56mm compressor wheel flows 56lbs/min and is a step up from the sx series.  This turbo comes with a 4” port shroud inlet and 2” compressor outlet

S261-RS – The S261 is a true monster and is the largest S200 series turbo rated a 70lbs/min.  Compressor inlet is a port shroud 4” and outlet is 2”.

AGP Turbo

AGP’s line of Zeta turbos are based on Garrett’s Dual Ball Bearing CHRA.  We install our proprietary wheels and housings on top of Garrett superior ball bearing rotating assembly.  This is by far the best of every world.  Garrett’s indestructible bearing structure with AGP’s billet wheels, win win.  These turbos are all watercooled with M14 water jackets that match the factory lines and fittings.

Zeta 2.8 – This is our smallest offering featuring a billet compressor wheel rated past 50lbs/min.  At 31psi, the 2.8 made 505whp on our shop car with a bone stock engine. 4” port shroud inlet, 2” outlet.

Zeta 3.0 – This is by far the most popular of our Zeta offerings, and should be the choice for 90% of Evo customers.  The 3.0 was originally rated to flow 58lbs/min, however we already have had several customers make over 600whp with it.  Billet compressor wheel, 4” port shroud inlet, 2” outlet.

Zeta 3.2 – Our largest in-house offering with flow capabilities past 77lbs/min.  The 62mm billet compressor wheel are for those wanting the most amount of power and still remain relatively streetable.  4” port shroud inlet, 2.5” compressor outlet.

Modifications Needed to run an AGP kit:

-AGP Cold Air Intake (or some other aftermarket intake that utilizes the factory compressor inlet elbow)
-AGP Hardpipe Setup (or some other aftermarket hardpipes that are 2.5” and line up to the factory turbo outlet elbow)
-Fuel Upgrades and tune
-3" cat back exhaust

Options: If you want some added flavor to your AGP kit, we can polish the compressor housing. We also offer ceramic coating to the manifold, turbine housing, downpipe, and dump tube in either black or silver.
Kit Includes: AGP Twin Scroll T3 manifold, AGP-46mm wastegate, stainless steel dump tube with re-route, turbo of your choice, 3" stainless steel downpipe, oil feed and drain lines, water line kit (if applicable), gaskets, nuts and bolts, all silicone couplers, and clamps.
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