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AGP Caliber SRT4 WGA

AGP Caliber SRT4 WGA


Ditch your stock Caliber SRT-4 wastegate actuator for a high pressure adjustable AGP billet aluminum unit. This replaces the factory installed piece, and will allow you to hold higher boost pressures to redline.  

Because the AGP Wastegate Actuator has a higher base spring rate, it allows the turbo to push higher, more stable boost. This actuator will help eliminate the boost oscillation that is caused by the stock weak actuator. Additionally, all AGP wastegate actuators are easily adjustable. You don't need to remove the actual rod end from the turbo in order to adjust preload (like you do on other brands). All you need to do is loosen the jamb nut, then turn the entire rod with the adjustment nut. It's very simple.  

For cars with an aftermarket piggyback system, or the newly released Mopar Stage 1, this is a necessity for you. For those who are still running the factory PCM and fuel system, this can still work for you in flattening out your boost curve.  

Included in the WGA is the 8psi spring, and we also include a 19psi spring for those wanting to crank up the boost to the moon.

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