Fuel Injector Clinic 575cc PNP set

Fuel Injector Clinic 575cc PNP set


Custom FIC 575cc PNP injector Set made exclusively for Realtune for the Caliber SRT4.

FIC 575cc PNP injector Set. Realtune brought FIC to the Neon SRT4 and Caliber SRT4 markets. If you want the guys that have been leading the way since day one, then stick with Realtune and FIC! Please email me with any questions you may have on choosing the right injector.

Direct drop in 575cc@43.5psi injectors! These injectors are balanced to .5%, come with a data sheet and are of the newest technology on the market! One year warranty included!

These injectors are 100% plug and play and are all BRAND new. These are NOT used modified injectors! Prices below are with shipping included!