RTS3 Turbo

RTS3 Turbo


*Requires a rebuildable stock turbo core up front.

Ladies and gents, I present you with the RTS3 Caliber SRT4 turbo upgrade. This product is the evolution of our infamous RTS2B turbo that has rocked the Caliber scene since the release of the Caliber.

- Similar to the the S2 wheel design [which is nearly 6 years old] with much improved aero.
- Larger and yet LIGHTER comp wheel to take advantage of the upgraded turbine wheel
- Includes the upgraded turbine wheel also (so yes, both the comp and turbine wheels are upgraded over stock)
- On paper it should be capable of 25-30whp more MAXED out over the RTS2b without any loss of spool due to the increased efficiency. It wouldn't surprise me to see a bit more than that if someone pushed it hard enough
- Proven by the worlds 2nd quickest Caliber SRT4 at 11.3 in the quarter mile on a stock motor!
- Pushed hard enough, this turbo can certainly get you into the 10 second 1/4 mile range with a built motor

*Please see attached comparison pic of the RTS2 turbo vs RTS3 turbo as well as a few other S3 pics.
** PLEASE NOTE, each turbo is built to order and currently taking 8-10 weeks to ship**
***Please email after ordering for address to send the required core.